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Choose The Right Pattern for Your Machinery

Choose the Right Pattern for your Machinery 

Tire Vs Terrain.
Based on applications, are you choosing the right pattern for your vehicle??


When choosing tires for a wheel loader, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. Wheel loaders are a powerful and versatile piece of heavy equipment that can be found mainly on construction sites. meaning a lot of debris, nails, glasses etc will be around your worksite, to improve productivity and increase profitability we use puncture-proof solid tires. 


Solid tires anti-skid characteristics and a design that provides better shock absorption make these tires ideal for wet and muddy yards at scrap and recycling facilities. Plus our special rubber compound used in manufacturing solid tires enhances traction and durability in wet and abusive environments where front end loader tires are at the most danger. 


Our solid tires increase up to 2.5 to 4 times the life of a pneumatic tire and we have 6 patterns available , including non-marking tires for indoor spaces. 


We provide specific tires for different vehicles and brands. 
Tire specifications for a John Deere wheel loader:
Size : 26.5-25 
Pattern: F1H 
Rim Width: 22.00/3.0 
O.D.: 1720mm
S.D.: 650mm
Load Capacity: 14,500kgs@25km/h

2021-09-17 APEXWAY Team

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