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  • Factory Management

    Factory Management

    The lifespan of a wheel loader tire depends on the kind of jobs you are using your equipment for as well as the level of maintenance you have.

  • New Project Coming Soon

    New Project Coming Soon

    At Apexway we take good care of the interest of our customers, and we have a exciting new project coming soon! Stay tuned #easypack

  • L1H on Action

    L1H on Action

    Our pattern L1H is built with balanced features between traction and loading. Very good for short-middle distance rotation and vehicles such as Skid Steer Loaders.

  • Skid Steer loader: Ready to Deliver

    Skid Steer loader: Ready to Deliver

    When it comes to skid-steer loaders, not just any set of tires will do. Certain types of tires are more effective.


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