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Solid Tires Vs Press-On Tires

Main Applications:
Solid pneumatic tires are ideal for applications on rough, abrasive, and uneven surfaces such as damaged concrete floors, asphalt, and construction sites.
Solid Tires are able to work in a variety of terrain; it's common to see solid resilient tires working both indoors and outdoors, especially in jobs such as scrapyards and demolition sites where the threat of puncture is high. 


Solid press-on band tires are well-suited to smooth indoor surfaces with no major surface irregularities like those found in warehouses, distribution centers or airport terminals. They also thrive on machines that frequently operate on metal ramps with teeth or holes, which are notorious for damaging pneumatic tires. Many non-marking tires are made with solid tires.


Solid pneumatic tires are popular among forklifts since they mimic the shape, size and overall appearance of forklift pneumatic tires but with the advantage of being high-resistant and flat-proof tires. They are a balance between pneumatic and press-on tires. The tires offer a similar ride compared to air tires and are much softer than press-on solids. If your machine comes from the factory with air tires, you can use your existing wheels on solid pneumatic without costly conversions. The tires still provide similar durability as the press-on.


Press-On tires are popular for their incredible durability. Solid press-on band tires have a metal band bonded into the rim base of the tire. There are three primary advantages of this type of tires: They create a really strong, hard tire that provides maximum durability. Allows equipment to carry heavier loads. The tire’s operating life is generally the longest of any industrial tire product because they are so durable.

Solid Tires Press On Tires


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