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Forklifts vs Solid Tires


    Just as we know that forklifts are necessary in most of the construction sites it is also important to use the proper tires for the job. While using solid tires, the main concern would be the driver's comfort, but, this is a minor drawback considering the many benefits of solid tires for forklifts.

    From improved traction to long lasting life. Because of their toughness, reliability and long life, solid tires are the best choice when it comes to forklifts. 

    Forklifts are used in glass plants, lumber yards and scrap yards, puncture resistant solid tires are a must for this tough environments. They can also sustain a lot of damage and are maintenance-free which results in less down time if there is any issue.Furthermore they are able to handle higher weights loads, improving the productivity of your operations.

    Forklifts normally run for long periods of time, when they do they generate heat that will eventually destroy pneumatic tires. Solid tires instead, will prevent heat build-up within the tires.

    Just like any other construction machinery such as telehandlers or wheel loaders, forklifts require a lot of stability for the job in order to maintain the safety of the operators. Solid tires have a larger footprint which boosts the surface area of the tire that is in touch with the floor.

    At APEXWAY we have a variety of solid tire patterns for Forklifts: E1, F1, R, L1, F1H, S1, Z1, Z1H and more. 

Visit our website, [E-mail Us] for any request or tire specifications.

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