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Forklift Solid Tires

When it comes to handling, safety and durability, solid forklift tires are the top performers overall.

Solid rubber tires, non-pneumatic tires or elastic tires, are actually the same thing. Specifically, we are talking about solid industrial forklift tires. Because of their toughness, reliability and long life, solid tires are the best choice when it comes to forklifts. 

Forklifts with solid tires work some of the toughest environments. For instance, they are used in glass plants, lumberyards and scrapyards. 

One of the main uses of forklifts is to lift heavy loads that are way beyond the limitations of a human being. Industrial forklifts have greater lifting power and can raise between 30,000 and 36,000 pounds. Once loads have been lifted, the next job of forklifts is to transport cargo from one place to another. This mobility and the ability to shift weighty materials means that forklifts can be exceptionally useful, saving enterprises time and increasing productivity. Forklifts are also able to extend their reach and aim to higher places.

Another reason why solid tires are great for forklifts is because of their airless design, they can sustain damage without needing to be immediately replaced. As we know, that means less downtime due to maintenance issues. In addition, solid tires are able to handle higher weight loads (necessary for forklifts). More often than not, solid tires are the best choice for industrial applications.

In these images, we can see the APEXWAY forklift solid tire Pattern: I1
Available for Non-Marking White and Green as well.

APEXWAY provides tires that fit for your forklift, any size or pattern you require. To know more about our forklift solid tires and non-marking tires visit our website or [E-mail Us]

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