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Non-Marking Forklift Solid Tires

Since we already know the different applications of forklifts. Let's dig deep on their non-marking tires specifications. 

Why forklifts use non-marking tires?
The main reason to use this type of tires is that you don't want to leave black marks on the surface you drive over (basically, you want to have a cleaner floor). Let's say that you work in retail stores, food factories or any industry that deals with chemicals, petroleum factories, semiconductors, automobile assembly parts, and other applications where keeping the area clean is a priority, you need non-marking tires.

Now, what are the main benefits of NM tires?
The obvious benefit is that they reduce floor marking, meaning you don't need to spend much money or additional time for floor cleaning. Even if you're not necessarily worried about flooring getting marked up, purchasing this type of forklift tires can be beneficial for maintaining a clean and safe environment (super necessary in food industries and chemical factories). Aside from not leaving black marks on the ground, NM don't produce a black dust, normally produced after experiencing tire wear, such dust can lead to contamination and create an unclean environment.  

The core and base of these tires are similar to solid cushion tires, so you get the flat-proof benefits, also the performance characteristics are exactly the same as black tires. Furthermore, NM tires still maintain good traction, low rolling resistance, low heat build-up, high load carrying capacities and tread life due to the use of silica based compounds. 

What are they made of?
Non-marking variations are made of a blend of natural rubber with hydrated silica and special additives. Carbon black is removed to eliminate marks on floors. 

At APEXWAY we have different patterns and colors available of Forklift non-marking tires:
- Pattern: E1, F1, F1H, L1, R1, S1, Z1, Z1H 
- Colors: white/grey/green


To know more about our forklift non marking tires visit our website or [E-mail Us]

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