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Skid Steer Loader Solid Tires: Benefits and More

Skid Steer Tires
There are many reasons why choosing the right tire for your machinery is important. With 40 years of experience in the solid tire industry, APEXWAY provides the perfect fit for your skid steer according to your necessities.
When we talk about performance, productivity, zero risks and zero maintenance we mean solid tires. For skid steers, it is not enough to simply choose any tire, you need to make sure you choose the correct pattern for different terrain and applications.

Skid Steer Tire Benefits
As skid steers worked their way out of the barn and into demanding applications like demolition, scrapyards, recycling, and road work, they needed tough tires engineered to stand up to the puncture-prone conditions. Solid tires virtually eliminate punctures and the unforeseen downtime caused by them.
  • Impenetrable tread faces and puncture-proof sidewalls, solid tires ensure equipment uptime. Long lifetime.
  • They last three to four times longer than conventional skid steer tires, which keeps machines on site, out of the shop, and helps deliver a low total cost of ownership.

Been able to use your tires for 4-7 years without downtime is the new luxury. 
With a large range of options for your skid steer, from pattern to tread and material, you will know you are getting high quality tires and service.

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