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Solid Tire Tread Pattern - Are You Choosing The Right Pattern For Your Skid Steer Loader?

Solid tires have multiple benefits, they are durable, puncture-resistant, 100% flat-proof and have a long service life. When selecting tires for your heavy equipment, it is not enough to simply choose any solid tire, you need to make sure you choose the correct pattern for different terrain and applications. Just like shoes, you wouldn't run a marathon with hiking shoes, but instead with lighter and smaller pattern sport shoes, same as you wouldn't go hiking with high-heels.
For solid tires it is exactly the same case and there are plenty of tread patterns to choose from. Similar as with shoes, the tire pattern you choose depends on the type of terrain and workplace conditions. Selecting the right tread pattern is key to ensuring maximum efficiency and performance of your solid tires. 

At APEXWAY we have a wide range of solid rubber tread patterns to perfectly match job site requirements: Dirt Terrain, All-Terrain, and Hard Surface Solid tires are the main tread patterns. 

Dirt-Terrain Solid Tires

The dirt terrain flat proof tires are designed to work well in all off-road applications. The deep tread design will give you superior traction on the vast majority of off-road conditions and terrains including mud, sand, dirt, and gravel. These tires also perform well on quarries and mines. 
Because of their deep-lug pattern, it is self-cleaning, protecting the tire from damage on debris-filled work sites. Common skid steer sizes are 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches. These options mean that there is a flat proof tire to suit almost every make and model of skid steer on the market today.

All-Terrain Solid Tires

All-Terrain solid tires are specially manufactured for high performance on a range of terrains – both off-road and on-road – including sand, mud, rocky terrains as well as hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete.
While their tread pattern is optimized to work on all types of terrains, they are especially well-suited for hard surfaces. Their void to tread lug ratio is lower than that of Dirt Terrain tires, which means more rubber to ground contact. This ensures that the tires wear slower on hard surfaces.

Hard Surface Solid Tires
For hard surfaces like pavement, asphalt, and cement, you need a tread pattern that can withstand the abrasiveness of these surfaces without wearing out. The design of hard surface tires also reduces bounce - a great benefit while climbing over rocks and rough ground. The internal cross structure of this tire adds stability, and the spacing of the aperture holes reduces the likelihood of stress cracking.

For more information and specifications about APEXWAY Solid Tires tread patterns visit our website or [E-mail Us].


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