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Solid Tires long lasting life


     These pictures are taken by our clients after using the tires for over 6 years. 
With zero-maintenance and reduced downtime, what makes solid tires last longer?

      The life of a solid tire depends on many factors but especially the application where it is used. Thicker sidewalls, more rubber and correct diameter are the main characteristic of industry-specific solid tires. They are more costly initially yet they provide the lowest operational cost on the harshest of jobsites, plus they last 3x times longer than off-brand and second-line tires, not mentioning pneumatic tires. Some tips to maximize your tire life include transport the equipment by trailer and consider the weight of your load and keep it balanced.


      The expression "time is money" is applicable for all the construction sites. It is important that your equipment is reliable, if any piece of your equipment malfunctions to any degree it can start a domino effect that could eventually impact the successful completion of the job. When we say that solid tires reduce downtime it means you spend less money in the long run, since you are able to complete the deadlines.


      As a result of the superior durability, performance, and cost-efficiencies of solid rubber, flat-proof tires, they have become a popular choice with contractors and site supervisors, especially for small to mid-sized Bobcat skid steers and other compact equipment. Solid tires are proving their value in a wide range of applications, including but not limited to: demolition, landscaping, construction, snow removal, waste transfer and metal recycling. 


      Even if solid tires have a long lifespan, making sure you replace your tires before the end of its life is critical in ensuring that your machine operates at the optimal level and minimizes any downtime. 



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