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Forklift Solid Tires Maintenance And Replacement


Solid Tires need less to minimal maintenance thanks to their resistance and durability, but that doesn't mean we need to neglect them completely. 

After a fair amount of time using your solid tires, you should:

  1. Carefully inspect the tire appearance, rim, screws and other components to check whether there are quality problems and damages. If abnormal phenomena are found, measures shall be taken in time or reported and solved to the warranty department.
  2. Remove hard sundries such as spikes and stones on the tread and pattern groove, and carefully observe whether there are scars and wounds affecting safety and causing blasting in all parts of the carcass. If problems are found, deal with them immediately and never use them with diseases to ensure safety.

When is time to replace your Forklift solid tires?
Making sure you replace your tires before the end of its life is critical in ensuring that your machine operates at the optimal level and minimizes any downtime. Three signs that it's time to change your forklift tires:

  1. Wear Line (when the tire tread has worn out). 
    Every tire has a line called the "wear line". As the forklift tires wear down, a highly visible orange band appears on the tire surface,  indicating that replacement tires should be ordered and service fitting scheduled. When this band is visible, the tire will have close to 100 hours of operational life left,  which means you have some time to order new tires and schedule your appointment. Once you see that wear line, it's time to order new tires.
  2. Chunking (if your tires have pieces "flaking" or peeling off, not due to any hard impact).Other visible signs might be chunks of tire missing or pieces of tire falling off. This is sometimes referred to as "chunking". This is a major sign to replace tires; not just for safety purposes, but also for efficiency of equipment.
  3. Tears & Cracks 
    Additionally, watch for tears or cracks in the surface of a tire, since they may bring significant loss of traction or an increased concern for safety. Driving over debris can cause a tear to occur, but in terms of safety, it means it's time to replace the tire.

At APEXWAY we are concerned about your safety, for more information about APEXWAY forklift Solid tires visit our website or [E-mail Us] for more information.

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