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Fun Facts About Forklifts You Didn't Know

Forklifts are some of the most common and important tools and industrialized inventions of the present time. People tend to use forklifts every day as part of their daily life, it’s easy to think you know everything likely about these resilient vehicles. But how much do you really know about this remarkable machinery? Well, in that case, let’s find out!

1.      Forklifts cause as low as 1% of accidents in the workplace

Working in an industrious environment can be dangerous and may cause life-threatening injuries. In this case, forklifts are considered to be the least-causing accident machines when a trained and licensed operator followed the proper safety protocols.

2.      Different load capacities for different types of forklifts

Some of the most common forklifts used can carry a capacity of 1-3 tons, other types can carry over 40 tons of weight. It is important to make sure you get a load capacity plate for the machine, so other operators are aware of the machine data information. In this case, you can prevent further accidents and have a successful operation. However, it is prohibited to use forklift machines without the load capacity plate. Make sure to check if it’s installed or apply for it when unavailable.

3.      Changing parts of your forklift can affect its ability

Most of the machine parts are designed so that they can carry a maximum weight of items. Applying changes insignificantly can reduce the capacity of the machine and causes inconvenience. An example is the tires: if you choose a budget-wise model than the manufacturer recommends when changing, you may face difficulties with the operation of your forklift.

Bonus: To avoid affecting the ability of the forklift, you can also add fitted attachments’ to achieve varieties of jobs.

4.      How come forklifts don't overturn?

Let’s do a throwback to our Physics eras. Everything has a center of gravity, looking at the forklift case, the center of the machine is in fact the center of its gravity. The forklift is designed with a specific amount of weight so that the central point is in a location that does not allow it to overturn when transporting, loading, or unloading objects.

5.      Forklifts can save your life

In order to prevent life-threatening injuries, forklift operators require thorough training and safety management protocols. In previous times, injuries and accidents were more common without the use of forklifts. Now, with the current innovation of forklifts, they not only achieve successful operations but have saved so many lives.

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