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How To Handle and Operate a Skid Steer Loader

A skid steer is a multifunctional and compact construction equipment often used for construction. The skid steer has either two tracks or four wheels. Like any type of heavy equipment, a skid steer can be dangerous if safety measures aren't taken. It is important to take time to refer to the machine’s manual for safe operation practices, so the necessary best practices can be followed.


  • Always check the surrounding environment before operating the vehicle. The skid steer loader is designed to maneuver easily in small spaces, in order to avoid further risks it is necessary to check the working site.
  • Before the operation, it is a good reminder to always check the weight capacity of the skid steer beforehand when carrying a load. Carry the loads at a lower level or always put the bucket down, this is essential for the vehicle to maintain the center of gravity.

  • When traveling uphill, it is recommended to keep the load of the machine tilted up so the skid steer is intact. It is not recommended to travel with the vehicle sideways, remember to always travel up and down the slope with the skid steer. 

  • Do not overload the bucket. During transport, the loads can move and shift at times, and loads that surpass the weight limit can cause a skid steer to overturn. Check the weight capacity of your skid steer before operating. 

  •  Always turn the engine off before exiting the vehicle, do not leave the vehicle unattended, and most importantly, never operate the skid steer without prior training. 

  • Fastenyour seatbelt at all times and check for any missing or damaged parts of thevehicle. Check the safety bar when operating if all items in the vehicle areworking fully. Do not alter or remove equipment in the vehicle.

  • Neverlean out during the vehicle when operating. Always stay seated when using thevehicle. Never carry riders or lift anyone with the attachment.

All of these features aremeant to reduce the risk of operator injury or death. All skid steer operatorsmust have proper training in order to secure the locking levers. If the lockinglevers are not locked properly, the attachment can be loosened while in useor when the arms are elevated, posing a risk to the operator and otherworkers.

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