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Assembly Process

Behind Every Solid Tire – Manufacturing Process



    Solid tires manufacturing process is longer than air-filled tires. There are several ways that solid tires can be manufactured. Apexway solid tires are made using layers of rubber that are constructed around a metal frame or a wheel structure that can be mounted to a specific vehicle. 


    Solid tires are simply shaped and constructed similarly to air-filled tires with layers of rubber and metal ply that give it some of the spring that pneumatic tires are known for. They are rolled in thin layers of rubber onto a metal frame mount and pressed through a hydraulic pressure system. This process solidifies the form and makes the rubber hold. These layers are added using a wheel. With every full rotation of a wheel turn, the process adds another layer. The thickness of these layers varies depending on the application of the tire.


    Once the tire is properly sized, it will be put into a mold and heated, allowing the rubber to vulcanize. This mold will also serve as the instrument that puts the tread on the solid tire. For solid tires installed on rims that can accommodate pneumatic tires, a special hydraulic mounting press is required to put the tire on the wheel.


    APEXWAY solid tires can be used on a variety of industrial machines. From wheel loaders to skid steer loaders, forklifts, telehandlers and arial work platforms.

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