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Tire Tips

Measuring Your Solid Tire Rim

To measure your solid tire rim you will need a measuring tape or a caliper.
Firstly you will want to measure your center bore, the center hole diameter is easy to measure. The center bore of a rim must have the same measurement as the wheel hub of the vehicle it will mount on.

Center bore

If you use a caliper follow the next steps to measure your center bore.
Step 1: Set wheel face down on a flat surface. Be sure to protect the lip from scratches.
Step 2: Tare Caliper. Make sure caliper reads "0.00" when fully closed.
Step 3: Measure using "Inside diameter" tool. The top of your caliper is designed to measure the inside diameter of the wheel. Carefully spread the probes outward across the center of the hole to get an accurate measurement.

After measuring your center bore, measure the following parts of your rim:

Diameter of bolt center (general method of measurement)

Diameter of bolt hole.

Measure your diameter using a digital caliper.

Offset- Flange to mounting side (without locking the ring side)

A measuring tape will work just fine since it is easier to use.

A measuring tape will work just fine since it is easier to use.



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