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Open-Cut mining Vs Solid Tires

Open-Cut mining Vs Solid Tires 

Wheel loader machine unloading rocks in an open mine of iron ore.


As you well know, open-cut mining is a surface mining technique of extracting rock or minerals from the earth from an open-air pit.


For this kind of work is very important to understand the conditions of the surface. The conditions of a mining zone range from soft and muddy soil to gravelly and rocky terrain. When using heavy machinery, providing proper tires for the job is a must. Durability, traction, and high resistance to rock cutting and heat generation are essential to operate in these extreme conditions.After the mine infrastructure has been built, heavy machines come to place for the following production activities: drilling, blasting, loading and transporting broken ore.  


Wheel loaders are mostly on charge of piling the waste rock near the edge of the pit, it is also called ‘waste dump’. Since the ground they are working on could cause punctures in the pneumatic, we use solid tires in case the tire is cut it can continue to operate. There is no need to check the air pressure of the tire which means more production for the equipment. Another benefit of a solid tire is the tread depth, since it has more tread depth than a pneumatic tire that means longer life cycle and less downtime of the equipment for the customer. 


F1H is the favorite pattern for wheel loader solid tires.


Wheel loader main sizes available are:
Non-marking compound available (White/Grey/Green) 

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