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Tire Tips

Rim-Tire Assembly



Press-on solid tires, bonded solid tires and segmented solid tires. How are they secured to a rim?

  • Press-on solid tires. The simplest way solid tires can be mounted onto a rim is by being pressed on to fit onto an existing rim. This is possible with the use of specialized equipment and done at a local tire dealer who has a press capable of doing this.


  • The bonded solid tires come in a prepared state. These solid tires are chemically attached to the rim on which they are mounted. These rims are always bought with the tires, since a set of tire and rim cannot be used in a separate manner. This means that customers that want to exercise flexibility may find themselves limited sometimes when using bonded solid tires.


  • Segmented solid tires are great when it comes to a reliable bond between the tire and rim, flexible use, and serviceability when you need it. You can take the tire segments off their rims and reuse the rim with a new set of treads when your tires needs to be replaced. This type of system also does not require specialized tooling or presses to retread your tire. Any operator can do it themselves with a wrench or ratchet.


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