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Skid Steer Loaders, Road work attachments and Apexway solid tires.


Road construction and civic works contractors depend on the flexibility of skid steer attachments to perform various infrastructure duties. Contractors require must-have work tools like blades for pushing debris and leveling surfaces, or trenchers for preparing pipe and electrical lines. Whether it's road shouldering, trench work, road rehabilitation or any other aggregate dispersal or compaction application, you can count on Road Widener to improve your efficiency and enhance job site safety. That means more productivity, profits and peace of mind to help your business thrive. For road construction and general construction sites, skid steer loaders are available with Multi-Bucket and Pickup Broom attachments. In road construction, the Multi-Bucket reduces spillage of asphalt and loose materials during travel operations, with fine control over material-spread. In building construction, the Multi-Bucket improves control over loose material during spreading, grazing or dozing. The Pickup Broom is ideal for picking up rocks, dirt and other debris and sweeps, cleans, and dumps into trucks for quick cleaning of roads, parking lots, construction sites, and public areas such as paving.


Solid Tires
One way in which operators are keeping their skid steers on the move is with solid tires. As skid steers worked their way out of the barn and into demanding applications like demolition, scrapyards, recycling, and road work, they needed tough tires engineered to stand up to the puncture-prone conditions. Solid tires virtually eliminate punctures and the unforeseen downtime caused by them. Featuring impenetrable tread faces and puncture-proof sidewalls, solid tires ensure equipment uptime. They also last three to four times longer than conventional skid steer tires, which keeps machines on site, out of the shop, and helps deliver a low total cost of ownership. Been able to use your tires for 4-7 years without downtime is the new luxury. 


No matter what application you use your skid steer in, Apexway have tires that fit your machinery. Apexway continues to set the standard for skid steer performance by both updating their classic offerings, and adopting new technologies to handle the growing list of applications they are expected to perform in and requests from customers. 


Apexway pattern L1H
Most popular sizes:

For more information and specifications on Skid Steer Loader solid tires visit our website or [E-mail Us].


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