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Skid Steer Loaders For Construction.


Almost any construction site has a skid loader. Skid Steer loaders are a must-have for roadwork. They are useful for building and maintaining roads. You can attach a cement mixer or pavement miller to your skid steer and use other attachments for tasks like demolition, grading, paving and patching.
Skid steer loaders for construction have specific characteristics:
  • Differential steering: You cannot change the angle of the wheels, meaning they will always point straight ahead. To turn a skid steer, you must increase the speed of the wheels on one of the sides, which will cause the wheels to drag or skid (ergo the name) over the ground as the skid steer rotates in the other direction. This process allows the driver to perform zero-degree radius turns, which are useful for tasks requiring high precision.
  • Attachments: Skid Steers have a wide variety of attachments you can outfit them with, which makes many tasks possible. The skid steer’s standard attachment is a bucket, perfect for lifting and moving heavy materials.
  • Machine size: Skid steers are also available in a range of sizes, each of which is suitable for different applications. There are 3 sizes and weight frames for skid steer loaders.
    1. Large Frames: 2,200+ lb.-minimum rated operating capacity, at least 70-hp.
    2. Medium Frames: 1,750-2,200 lb.-rated operating capacity, 50-70 hp.
    3. Small Frames: 1,550-1,750 lb.-rated operating capacity, around 50 hp.
  • Locked wheels: They have either two tracks or four wheels. The back and front axles on either side are locked in sync with one another, although you can operate them separately from the two wheels or track on the machine's opposite side.

No matter how you want to use your Skid Steer loader, at APEXWAY we take care of the proper shoes for your machinery. To avoid punctures and downtime, upgrade your machine with Solid tires.

Our main solid tire sizes for Skid Steer are:
Pattern: L1H

For more information and specifications on Skid Steer Loader Solid Tires visit our website or [E-mail Us].


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