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Tires On Forklift Trucks: A Safety Issue

As in all types of vehicles, tires are important to ensure their safety and proper functioning. In the case of forklift trucks, solid industrial tires are one of the best options and are also a fundamental part both for safety and performance.

Security issues and more

We are sure that in your industrial vehicle (truck, van...) or in your personal car, motorcycle..., you pay special attention to the tires, it is the element that is always in contact with the firm ground, so its condition or choice can make a difference.

• You have to think that forklifts are machines that are used on a daily basis and on which productivity or customer satisfaction depends very much. Therefore, unsuitable tires or tires in poor condition can cause more than one inconvenience, also putting drivers and cargo at risk.

• For workers specialized in their handling, suitable solid industrial tires in good condition prevent back pain and musculoskeletal injuries resulting from inappropriate driving, especially when the ground is not smooth.

• The tires are also responsible for absorbing the discomfort caused by potholes, unevenness...

• If we focus on the load, we all know that it is essential that it remains stable, for this it is important that it be positioned perfectly, but also that it does not suffer any imbalance or sway caused by the condition of the tires.

 • And finally we are going to focus on the forklift itself. Do you know that tires that are poorly mounted, inadequate or with incorrect pressure can damage its components?

 • In addition, both maneuverability and speed will be affected, so obviously productivity will also be affected.

 • Let's not forget that consumption will also be increased, and the wear of the tires themselves would not be uniform and would have to be replaced before time, because their useful life will be considerably reduced.

Safety is paramount in handling any type of machinery, it is the first thing to pay attention to.

But neither can we forget other aspects related to economic investments in machinery and tools, productivity or the safety of the merchandise handled, directly related to customer satisfaction.

Mounting and maintaining solid industrial tires on your forklift trucks in good condition can help you avoid a good number of problems and unnecessary expenses that can seriously affect your activity and your business.

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