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Wheel Loader Facts


Why every construction company needs a wheel loader, it is a very obvious question. Correctly utilized, loaders can serve many functions. Moving an assortment of materials and debris has never been easier, so to make your construction function more economically efficient, you invest in a wheel loader. But it is not only the machine what matters, it is also which attachments you use and definitely which shoes (aka tires) you wear it with. 


With so many kinds of attachments a wheel loader is a multipurpose machine capable of almost anything. They can be used for living and moving material like soil, dirt, rocks, debris, snow, animal feet, sand, wood chips, etc. either around a site or to dump into a dump truck, feed-hopper or conveyor belt. 


Mid-sized loaders which range from 3 – 5 yards in bucket size are popular for moving more materials and heavier material types. They are more popular on construction site.The larger wheel loaders are 7 – 8 yards. These machines are popular for loading gravel trucks or on more heavy-duty projects. This two sizes mostly use solid tires since their job site can lead to tire punctures or damages. 

So how long do wheel loader tires last? 
The typical tire can last anywhere between 2,000 and 3,500 hours depending on the nature of the job type and equipment use. 
Since solid tires barely need maintenance you need to worry mostly about what kind of jobs you do.  
Tires that are going over quarry rocks all day long will not last as long as ones being driven over the grass of a sunny farm. It is important to be realistic about the lifestyle your equipment will have and to take these factors into consideration for the wear and tear that equipment will see.


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