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How Can You Save Money Using Solid Flat-Proof Skid Steer Tires?

Skid steers are strong and tough machines designed and manufactured to work in difficult landscapes and challenging settings. Using old and worn skid steer tires can puncture easily, resulting in flat tires. The problems not only happen to the tires but to the equipment used as well, which eventually can cause a delay in the efficiency of the task. Tires go through a lot of wear and tear, especially in construction applications where the ground may be rocky, uneven, or very coarse. While there are various tires on the market (some good, some not so good), the type of tire always comes down to solid versus pneumatic. So how can we save money on these solid flat-proof skid steer tires? Let’s find out!
  • You'll experience zero flat tires

A flat tire is hard to deal with and causes delays on certain occasions and may cause risks to the driver's life. Solid skid steer tires never go flat because there is no air inside of them as they are solid rubber. These tires are designed to handle the toughest environments and job locations. You won't experience any leakage.

  • Solid tires have a longer shelf life

High-quality skid steers flat-proof tires are manufactured using high-grade compounds in the rubber mix from durable materials and have exceptional tread patterns, making them last longer. These tires tend to last at least three times longer than a pneumatic tire. You do not need to frequently replace your skid steer tires as they are more susceptible to blowouts, punctures, and cuts.

  • Lower operational costs

Compared with pneumatic skid steer tires, solid skid steers last three times as long and take twice the amount of force to tear. You won't be replacing flat tires with new tires which costs you money. We know how expensive the cost of replacing or repairing flat tires is, and that includes downtime as well.

  • Lower downtime

As mentioned in the point above, the amount of time spent on a flat tire costs a lot. While solid flat-proof skid steer tires also require occasional repairs, it is not necessary to spend as much time and money compared to pneumatic skid steer tires. Solid skid steer tires can save you from not spending valuable time replacing a tire. You don’t need to remove them from the equipment to do so resulting in less downtime.

  • Faster and more efficient performance

Using advanced and innovative technology, flat-proof skid steer tires are designed in order to result in better performance possible. Solid skid steer tires are extensively applicable to different work environments. Aside from the performance of solid tires, the weight of these tires is naturally heavier, stabilizing the machine while lifting in reducing bounce when operating.

Regardless of the type of environment, you're working in, these tires are more than capable of withstanding different environments and conditions. If you have solid skid steer tires, you are likely to have less downtime and more time on the job. Increased speed and job quality mean better productivity.

To choose the right solid tires, reach out to our solid tire specialists.

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