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Safety Regulations In The Use And Handling Of Forklifts

 Specialized Staff
  • It is important that the personnel in charge of its use and management havespecific and essential training. This is mandatory, and must includetheoretical and practical training. Each type of truck has a specific training.
  • Thedriver is the only one who can be on the forklift, and is also responsible fordriving safety.
  • Authorizeddrivers must also meet the minimum requirements in terms of clothing. It mustbe adequate and comply with established safety standards.
  • Youmust also place and adjust the seat belt, respect the speed limits and thestipulated traffic regulations, both outdoors and inside the facilities.
  • Itis necessary to avoid unnecessary risks derived from unstable or excessiveloads, the use of inadequate or poorly maintained pallets, driving with poor orno visibility or driving with the forks raised.


  • Beforeuse, it is necessary to carry out a few preliminary checks to ensure thateverything is in perfect condition: wheels, brakes, forks.
  • Ifthe forklift is abandoned, for whatever time and reason, make sure that theengine is stopped, or at least that the lever is in neutral and the brakes arecorrectly activated.
  • Allsystems that affect their operation and safety must be reviewed periodically.
  • Inthe case of electric forklift trucks, it is important not to forget to payattention to the correct maintenance of the battery.

Complying with safety regulations when operating forklift trucks is important to avoid personal and material damage. It is also a very good way to increase productivity and extend the useful life of the forklifts.

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