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When Should You Change Your Forklift Solid Tires?

When changing your solid tires, the most important precaution that you must keep in mind is the following: do not wait for the pattern of your solid tire to disappear.

The importance of proper use and maintenance

A damaged forklift can generate very high costs, so we should carry out the maintenance of our machinery, starting with the condition of our solid industrial tires. However, it is not easy to determine the wear time, since various factors that weaken the tire come together, such as the use that is given to it, the ambient temperature, the surface conditions or good behavior when driving the forklift.

But if there is one factor that really affects tire wear and safety, it is the quality of the tire. In addition, the type of tire chosen will be decisive when it comes to extending its usefulness. After all, a pneumatic tire (suitable for high speeds but easy to puncture) is not the same as a solid tire (for smooth surfaces that require maximum stability) or an elastic tire (something like a hybrid between the first two).

The greatest benefit of properly maintaining our solid industrial tires is increased productivity, since high-quality tires, in optimal conditions, are capable of moving up to 14% more pallets in a single day. But not only that: you avoid sick leave due to the vibration of the forklift.

So when should I change my solid tires?

As we have anticipated, the depth of the profile is not a good indicator of the life that the tire has left.

So how do I know when my tires need to be replaced? Well, solid industrial rims indicate the wear surface on the sidewall of the tire. This is the line 60J, also known as the security line. Once reached, it must be replaced.

However, it is recommended that the change is evaluated and carried out by specialized personnel, both due to its technical difficulty and the need to use specialized machinery when carrying out the replacement.

At APEXWAY we are at your disposal to answer all your questions regarding the change of solid industrial wheels. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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